Friday, 11 January 2019

Krushak Assistance For Livelihood And Income Augmentation Kalia Scheme Benefits

Kalia Yojana Benefits

Odisha State Government through Kalia Scheme provided financial assistant. Under this scheme provided 5 benefits to the vulnerable agriculture households, landless labourers and marginal cultivators of the state. 
These are 5 key benefits provided by government to the beneficiaries under the Kalia Scheme i.e
  • Comprehensive Assistance For Cultivation
  • Comprehensive Assistance For Livelihood
  • Assistance For Vulnerable Agriculture Household
  • Life Insurance For Cultivators & Landless Agricultural Laborers 
  • Interest Free Crop Loan 

Assistance For Cultivation- Financial Assistants Of Rs/-25,000

State government provided Rs/-25,000 per family over 5 (five seasons) to small and marginal farmers to purchase seeds, fertilizers, pesticides and use assistance to words labor and other investments.

Assistance For Livelihood (Rs/-12,500)

Financial Assistants Rs/-12,500 will be provided to the every landless agriculture household for agricultural allied activities like for small goat, rearing unit, mini-layer unit, duckery units, Fishery kits for fisherman, mushroom cultivation and bee-keeping 

Assistance For Vulnerable Agriculture Household

The Landless agriculture laborers & Vulnerable cultivators who are in old age, having disability, suffering with disease will get Rs/-10,000 every year to enable them to take care. 

Life Insurance For Cultivators & Landless Agriculture Laborers 

Provided life insurance cover of Rs/-2.00 lakh at a very nominal premium of Rs/-300/- all saving bank account holder of age between 18-50 years. Govt Of Odisha share annual premium of Rs/-165.  Rs/- 12 Per Annam for Personnel Accident cover of Rs/-2,00,000 for 51-70 years old.

Interest Free Crop Loan

Share Croppers, Cultivators, Vulnerable landless laborers and agricultural families identified by gram panchayat will be provided with cop loans up to Rs/-50,000 for 0% interest. For complete information visit