Friday, 11 January 2019

Eligible To Get The Benefits Under Kalia Scheme

Here to the eligibility for applicants who are going to apply Kalia Scheme. Check eligibility and fill the green application form. Any quires visit kalia information service 

1).Small and Marginal Farmers are eligible to get benefit under support to cultivators for cultivation.

2).Land less agricultural households are eligible to get livelihood support under the scheme.

3).Vulnerable agricultural household covering vulnerable cultivators/ landless agricultural labourers are eligible to get financial assistance under the KALIA scheme. Vulnerable cultivators/ landless agricultural labourers include old age, disability, disease or any other reason. Out of the above three components viz., support to cultivators for cultivation, livelihood support for landless agricultural household and financial assistance to vulnerable agricultural household, one beneficiary will avail only one benefit as per the eligibility. More details visit